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        温州市宇辉机电有限公司( 原乐清市宇辉精密电机) 是一家集电机研发、制造、销售为一体的企业,前身为乐清市宇辉精密电机有限公司,创办于2005 年,至今已有14 年发展历程。现在主要产品为“CNYOHO 宇辉”牌步进电机及驱动器,伺服电机及伺服控制器,数控系统,单、多轴运动控制器等四个系列几十个品种,规格齐全,功能强大,性能优良,品质可靠,完全可以和国外产品相媲美,并具有极高的性价比。公司的产品和所涉及工程已广泛应用到3D 打印机、半导体、纺织、包装、激光、木工、数控车床、印刷、广告、服装、石材、陶瓷、医疗、机器人、军工等领域。

        公司拥有一批积累了丰富经验的开发、生产、销售和工A 选型、设计方案,也可为用户进行整体运动控制系统的软硬件设计,并给用户提供长期的售后服务。

        Wenzhou Yuhui Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. (Yuhui Precision Motor of Yueqing City) is a private high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacture and sales of motor. Its predecessor is Yuhui Precision Motor Co., Ltd. of Yueqing City. It was founded in 2005 and has 14 years'development history. Now the main products are "CNYOHO Yuhui" stepper motor and driver, servo motor and servo controller, CNC system, single and multi-axis motion controller, etc. Four series of dozens of varieties, complete specifications, powerful functions, excellent performance, reliable quality, completely comparable with foreign products, and has very high performance. Price ratio. The company's products and related projects have been widely used in 3D printers, semiconductors, textiles, packaging, laser, woodworking, CNC lathes, printing, advertising, clothing, stone, ceramics, medical, robotics, military and other fields.

        The company has a number of experience in development, production, sales and type selection and design of industrial A. It can also design the software and hardware of the whole motion control system for users, and provide long-term after-sales service for users.

        Since its inception, the company has won the recognition and support of customers by virtue of "excellent quality, honest service". Strong technical support and development capabilities enable us to innovate constantly, adapt to the development of mechatronics and high-tech, and constantly launch new products to meet the needs of the market.
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